KAWOCONET set out to empower women and girls to promote gender equality and  be able to advocate for their rights and enjoy the same opportunities like men.

Liberate women from literacy, poverty and injustice with the support of other stakeholders.
Kagera Women Counselors believed that by forming one strong bond they will be able to promote and supporting women initiatives by facilitating their social economic indicators as well as eliminating all economic, legal, cultural and social obstacles which hinder women from full participation in sustainable development.
The need to liberate women who are victims of domestic violence and giving women a window especially those who are denied the right to inherit properties of their deceased and making sure that justice is always prevails in our communities, was another opportunities that KAWOCONET thought will need to bring together women counselors to help their fellow women in their communities with one voice.
The need to reduce defilement, forced marriages, early pregnancies, traditional practices that where by women and many girls who are still studying fall victims of the above and as the result they fail to complete or get infected with HIV/AIDS and fail to realize their dreams.



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